Research Team


High School Engineering Research Program

High school students gain research experience at the laboratories at ASU every summer as part of the High School Engineering Research Program.

Summer 2015
Jena Sania (12th grader) and Bhavya Sarma (11th graders) worked at eLab from June to August.  They performed research on employing flexible hybrid electronics and internet-of-things for innovating new assistive technologies. They used brain-machine interface headsets, designed a virtual room environment and started learning Matlab. They plan to continue to with them throughout the school year, and study science and engineering at college. Check their video out to see what they accomplished and plan to do.

Summer 2014
Shreya, Muhammed and Senan participated in personalized computing research at eLab during Summer 2014. More specifically, they conducted research using smart glasses to develop assistive technologies for people suffering from Alzheimer’s diseases. View the poster that summarizes their hard work and accomplishments.

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Graduate/Undergraduate Courses

Courses Under Development
Starting in Fall 2015, Dr. Ogras is planning to offer a new course targeting undergraduate seniors and first year graduate students. The proposed course will cover the fundamental topics on embedded systems, mobile computing, low power design and flexible electronics. The first half of the course will be theory oriented, while the second part will be project driven with a mandatory lab component to provide extensive hands-on experience. During the first part, the students will have classical homework sets, a midterm test and introductory labs. In the second half, 4-student teams will complete a project with clearly defined milestones. eLab members have already started building the experimental setup for the labs using mobile development boards, EEG sensors and commercially available head-mounted displays with the help of two teaching assistants provided by the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering.
Courses taught by Dr. Ogras

  • EEE 425 (fall 2014), “Digital systems and circuits”
  • EEE 525 (spring 2014), “VLSI design”
  • EEE 425 (fall 2013), “Digital systems and circuits”

TA work by eLab Students

  • Md Muztoba, Upcoming Embedded System Architecture Course (summer 2014)
  • Harshad Navale Upcoming Embedded System Architecture Course (summer 2014)
  • Gaurav Singla, EEE 425 (fall 2014, summer 2014, spring 2014)
  • Sankalp Jain, EEE 425 (fall 2014, summer 2014)
  • Ujjwal Gupta, EEE 525 (spring 2014)