Public Release

This page lists the research products released to public for academic use. The design files, software for our flexible hybrid electronics wearable device are available at the OpenHealth webpage.
Online Human Activity recognition

  1. The datasets are available on our GitHub page.
  2. Application software is part of the OpenHealth release.

Power, Performance and Temperature Modeling for Heterogeneous MpSoCs

  1. We have released our power and thermal models for Odroid XU3 big.LITTLE architecture. These models were presented in our predictive dynamic power and thermal management paper.
  2. We have released our performance model for Integrated GPUs. This model together with online learning using RLS was presented in our adaptive performance prediction for integrated GPUs paper.

Per-Core Power Modeling for Nexus 6P Phone

  1. We have developed per-core power models for the major components of Snapdragon 810 SoC in Nexus 6P Phone. These models are released to public. Please fill the form below to request the report that describes the methodology and results. We will also release the power models implemented in Matlab after the experimental validation is complete.


SoPtimizer is an integrated design and optimization framework for System-on-Polymer (i.e., SoP) optimization. The current version of the SoPtimizer framework incorporates:

  1. A multiobjective optimization algorithm to map the target application to a library of flexible and rigid resources,
  2. An optimum algorithm for placing rigid ICs onto flexible substrates by solving the problem formulation presented in our SoP paper,
  3. Three sample component library benchmarks and a suite of target application models.

If you would like to try the alpha version of SoPtimizer, please fill the form below. Design and optimization of Flexible Hybrid Electronics systems is an active research area in eLab. Updated versions of SoPtimizer will be released here. We also plan to maintain a wiki page once we have an active user base.